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Oak Leaf Hook

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Bring the spirit of the outdoors in… without the mess. 

Each hook is handmade using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmithing tools and techniques. We made special tooling just for these hooks to create the veins in the oak leaf as well as a “bark” texture on the hook. While the piece is still hot, it is polished with a brass wire brush to give it a nice contrasting brass and steel finish. 

They measure approximately 8" x 4" and protrude from the wall 3".

This product was designed and made by Wicks Forge blacksmith Jonah Lettney-Harvey. See more of his work @maplehillmetalworks.

The Limited Series features new pieces that take a bit of extra time to make or involve new designs and techniques. These pieces can be whimsical, a prototype, or something we’ve been experimenting with for years, but is not yet part of our normal production catalog. To share these with you, we launched this series of limited run pieces. These items will last you forever! But we may not be making them for very long.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Sinon
Excellent quality!

Beautiful craftsmanship. Highly recommend!

Jennifer P.
Amazing craftsmanship

I bought two of these as a gift. They are beautiful, the attention to detail is incredible. I would definitely buy them again and will look for more opportunities to purchase from Wicks in the future!

Denise Guessford


Kimberly Hutchins

Love the Oak leaf hook. Adds a nice accent to the wall map of the Currituck Sound my community adjoins.

I loved my oak leaf hook, letter opener, and personalized bookmark!

Wick's Forge offers unique, special, quality items, with a personal touch... I'm eager to see more products from them!

Oak Leaf Hook