Our work has been recognized in several national and regional publications over the years. Check out some of the highlights below! 
In early 2024, Fast Company magazine did a deep dive story on the story of Wicks Forge. The article uncovers how our commitment to quality, scaled production, community, and all things recycled and repurposed has allowed us to find growth during a time when many companies struggled to make ends meet. It's one of our favorite features so far. You can check it out here.
In 2023, I was featured in Green & Healthy Maine alongside 5 other metalworkers. The piece tells a bit of the history of Wicks Forge and how I found my passion for blacksmithing. Check it out here.
Wicks Forge owner Nicholas Wicks featured in American Lifestyle Magazine

In 2022, I was interviewed by American Lifestyle Magazine about my family's history, the history of the business, and blacksmithing generally. It was a really awesome display of how far the shop and our products have come. Check it out here.


Wicks Forge Hori Horis featured in Maine Homes Magazine

Our popular hand-forged stainless steel Hori Horis were featured in the 2022 Winter edition of Maine Homes Magazine.


Wicks Forge fire tools featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Our beloved hand-forged Heritage Fire Poker and Fireplace Tongs were featured in the October 2022 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.


In August 2021, our Heritage Fire Poker was featured in Down East. Check out the article here.


Really enjoyed this collaboration with Maine Public and especially proud that it showcases the great work of Jonah and Marshall.

Check out their instagram: @maple_hill_metalworks


Wicks Forge Pie Trivets

In December 2020 our trivets were featured in Yankee Magazine's Pie Maker's toolkit. Check it out here.



Hear the story of how Kevin Dupzyk from Popular Mechanics got his first taste of metalworking by working with Wicks Forge to build a custom cargo rack for his classic Jeep Wrangler in the June 2019 issue of Popular Mechanics  HERE .Hear the story of how Kevin Dupzyk from Popular Mechanics got his first taste of metalworking by working with Wicks Forge to build a custom cargo rack for his classic Jeep Wrangler in the June 2019 issue of Popular Mechanics here.


Ever wonder what it's like to be a modern day blacksmith? Check out this feature from Brett Martin at Popular Mechanics from November 2017 here.


Check out the March 2017 issue of Popular Mechanics for an article by Wicks Forge on how to turn copper plumbing pipe into beautiful bracelets using only simple hand tools here.


In September 2016, Annie Graves from Yankee Magazine profiled Wicks Forge for their Open Studio segment. You can find the piece here. 


Popular Mechanics Magazine Blacksmith Nick Wicks

In June 2015, Popular Mechanics released a special issue dealing with the resurgence of makers in the US. Somehow, they found out about Wicks Forge and put us on the cover! You can purchase the magazine online and check out the interesting article about the American maker movement here.

Connecticut Magazine Logo

April 2015. Modern-Day Blacksmith Embraces Family's Metal-Working History by Kate Hartman.


Black and white old truck wicks forge

In 2014 an amazing photographer named Karla Berstein reached out with an interest in doing a photography project on our shop and family history. This interest led to a really fun project and an even better friendship. Karla recently published the results of her work which you can find here.


In the summer of 2014, a group of guys started a company called Goods of Record. Their goal was to tell the stories of American Makers, not just sell their goods. Unfortunately, they were unable to scale their business, and in the summer of 2015 moved onto a new project called Text Stephan. However, you can still catch this awesome video they made about our shop and family above.

Wicks' Forge | Goods of Record from Kyle McMorrow on Vimeo.


Wicks Forge Custom Music Stands

In the Spring of 2014, Carol Kaliff from the Danbury News Times called to see if she could come by the shop to shoot a story for their photo profile pieces. She came by and we had a great time connecting and discussing my grandparents, whom she had photographed for a story about a stolen Strativarius that my Grandfather had once repaired. You can find the full story here.