Meet the Team

Get to know the faces behind your Wicks Forge creations:


Nick started Wicks Forge in his grandfather's garage using his family's metalworking tools and a homemade forge in 2013. He likes making playful and organic pieces that blend his love of nature and metalwork. To learn more about the history of Wicks Forge, check out our About Us page.


Marshall wears his art on his sleeve (in the case of his line of belt loop keychains he wears it on his waist). He started working for Wicks Forge when he was still in high school and has since made blacksmithing his full time career.  See some of Marshall's other work on his Instagram @maplehillmetalworks.


Jonah is another one of the Wicks Forge blacksmiths. He lives on the farm in a tiny house he built himself. Since space is at a premium, every object in his house is carefully selected. One of his favorite items that made the cut is the oak leaf coat rack that he designed himself. See some of Jonah's other work on his Instagram @maplehillmetalworks.


Vivi reached out to Nick as a client in 2019 and joined Wicks Forge a year later. She helps out by running the Maine shipping department, which includes product inventory, finishing (cold metal work), client communication, packaging and shipping. When she’s not working, you can find her playing on the water, horseback riding, making fish leather, or creating in other textile mediums.



Sarah originally met Nick in college, but she's pretty much the primary reason exists. She helped launch our eCommerce business in 2020 and continues to help grow the business from her cottage in Antwerp, Belgium.


Selena started working for Wicks Forge after running into Sarah on a hike while she was back home in Canada. It was peak pandemic and Selena was looking for some freelance marketing work to fill her time post grad, and as they say, the rest is history. She helps keep the website up to date, adds all of our new products, and helps draft these fun emails.

Steven (Steve) 

Steve has been with the Wicks Forge team since 2022. He was originally found living under a truck, so you could say he has a natural affinity for mechanical work. What he lacks in experience and thumbs, he makes up for in his enthusiasm for attention and wet food. He is a very hard worker for the 2 hrs a day he’s not napping. Yet even when he does nap, it’s often right in the middle of his work station. Talk about dedication! If you ever find a little paw print on your package, that’s Steve saying hello.