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Personalized Letter Opener - Leaf

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These elegant leaf letter openers are hand forged and are about 8 inches long. Since each letter opener is handmade, they may vary in size-- however this means your piece is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Each metal letter opener is finished in a combination of linseed oil, beeswax, and turpentine, which leaves a smooth dark finish on the piece.

You can choose to have your envelope opener personalized with a set of initials, a name, or a short message, up to 10 characters. Please specify the personalization you would like during as you checkout. 

Forging is the process of heating metal to increase its malleability and then working it in various ways, often with a hammer and anvil. When steel is heated and worked a dark material called scale forms on the surface of the metal. Once the forging is completed, most of the scale is removed through wire brushing the surface. This gives a nice silvery finish, which is sealed with a wax coating.

Thanks very much and hope you enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Finally, a letter opener I can't lose

I received a letter opener from Wicks Forge for Christmas. I love it! I am so enjoying slitting envelopes open that I'm sealing envelopes that come in the mail that I'm not going to use just so I can play with my new toy. It is almost 8 inches long and thus stands tall in my pen container on my desk. Finally, an opener I can't lose (because they are usually dainty and tiny). My only wish would be for it to be a bit sharper along the sides. This is only because I like a real sharp opener. But it works better than fine. I am delighted with it.

Sharyn Lightfoot
Unique Gift

My son was thrilled with the letter opener. It is so useful and a conversation piece as well. He looks forward to a lifetime with such a well -made present.


Beautifully crafted; absolutely stunning!

Jessica Morris
Quality and Fast Arrival!

The letter opener was exactly as described and arrived within a few days. Excellent quality and craftsmanship.

I love the artistry of my personalized letter opener!

This is the coolest letter opener ever!

Personalized Letter Opener - Leaf