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The Original Keychain Bottle Opener

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A Wicks Forge favourite as a Keychain! These hand-forged bottle openers are perfect for opening your favourite drinks and have the added benefit of fitting on a keychain.

These metal bottle opener key chains are made by heating up steel in a forge and shaping it through traditional blacksmith techniques with a hammer and anvil. A Forge is like a big oven used to heat up metal in order to make it malleable enough to work and shape.

These BO's are about 4" long and have a tapered end that is wrapped around itself for a rope/string-type effect.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Reinhart

Even better when it’s in your hand.

Ruggedly beautiful opener!

Great craftsmanship and unique design!

This could be half of the flint & steel used to start fires Could be used anywhere.
Three purposes

For an outdoors type, this would certainly be useful. Rain or shine.

Ronald Pacacha
Unique quality keychain with a bottle opener

I’m very happy to have purchased this item as a gift for a friend—and I couldn’t resist getting a couple more for myself and a great, manly corkscrew too! Glad to support a local craftsman. In

Kirsti M
It's even more beautiful in person! It's a...

It's even more beautiful in person! It's a Christmas gift and we haven't therefore actually used it yet, but I know my husband will love it. Thank you!

The Original Keychain Bottle Opener