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Pizza Rocker Cutter

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No more fighting with dull pizza cutters, steak knives, or using kitchen scissors, check out the Wicks Forge Pizza Cutter for a next-level pizza-making experience. Made from carbon steel forged from reclaimed woodworking files, these are durable and made to last generations.

blade length approx. 14"
total length approx. 20"

Customer Reviews

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Keith Freeman
It Rocks!

Received the pizza cutter for my birthday this year. My pies are a little large for this cutter but it works great. I’ve used it over a dozen times. For my larger pies I simply make the first cut from one edge then overlap my cut to finish cutting the few extra inches. It quickly cuts through everything in its path and doesn’t leave a mess or pull toppings off like my traditional roller cutter does. So far the cutter has been easy to clean and held an edge. Well worth the upgrade!

Thomas Murphy
Mezza Luna

I am pretty happy with this pizza knife. A couple of improvements would make it even better. The blade is only 12”. It could be a little longer, 2 inches would be great. I need to make two cuts for my 14” pizza. The file itself should be smoothed out to avoid picking up food particles which would make it easier to clean.

John j Tamburro
Mesa Luna

Can’t beat it It Rocks Thank you John If u got a catalog send it to my address John T

Jenny McDonough
Pizza Cutter is AWESOME!

He loves his new pizza cutter! Solid and easy to use. This is my fourth Wick's Forge purchase and I'll be back!

Greg Balaam
Excellent Gift!

This was the Perfect Gift for my Father who loves making Pizza!

Pizza Rocker Cutter