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Pigtail Meat Flipper: "Grill-Marked" Handle

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Get ready to light the grill and serve up some delicious eats, with this Pigtail Meat Flipper (also known as a steak turner, an outset meat hook, and a food flipper)

Each Meat Flipper is handcrafted in Maine using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques. We've used a special technique on the handle to replicate the look of classic BBQ grill marks. The piece is finished with a linseed oil and wax finish, meaning it is ready for cooking the minute it arrives at your door. 

To guarantee the longevity of your Meat Flipper, we recommend it be seasoned and maintained similarly to a cast iron pan.

The Meat Flipper handle measures approximately 16” and is detailed with a leather strap at the end, perfect for hanging when not in use. 

This Meat Flipper is also offered as part of a complete matching set - Check out the listing.

Customer Reviews

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John Gandy

Pigtail Meat Flipper: "Grill-Marked" Handle

Perfect for steaks!

I was anxiously awaiting the mail truck on Saturday when it arrived with some steaks ready to go so I could try it out. All I can say is how have I cooked for all these years without one. It’s great because it’s sturdy, handmade, and will last a long time. I’ll probably order more around Christmas time as gifts.

joe grizzle
Pigtail flipper needs a little work…

I bought a few of these as Christmas presents. I have a pigtail from another brand that I use all the time so I thought this would be a lovely gift. The flippers are a little short for my taste and they showed up DULL! I literally had to sharpen the points so they would work and I think that’s just not acceptable for a grilling tool….

Pigtail Meat Flipper: "Grill-Marked" Handle