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Hori Hori Knife

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These Hori Horis are made to be your new forever garden tool.

Handcrafted from one solid piece of forged stainless steel, these knives are built to be impossible to break and you'll never have to worry about paint chipping or contracting tetanus from rust.

Having trouble digging through the hard ground? Hit it with a hammer.

Use it to wedge out stuck rocks, or toss it into the ground like a throwing knife (we’ve definitely tried that here in the shop).

We've added a safety-orange paracord handle to make sure it's easy to find in your tool in the garden or fields, as well as a serrated edge on one side to help with cutting through pesky weeds or cords. 

Looking for a leather sheath for your Wicks Forge Hori Hori? This one from Grow Organic fits like a glove!

Each Hori Hori is hand-crafted in Maine using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmith tools and techniques.

Blade Length 7 inches (175 mm)
Blade width apx 1 ⅝” (40 mm) 
Total Length 14 inches (355 mm) 

The Limited Series features new pieces that take a bit of extra time to make or involve new designs and techniques. These pieces can be whimsical, a prototype, or something we’ve been experimenting with for years, but is not yet part of our normal production catalog. To share these with you, we launched this series of limited run pieces. These items will last you forever! But we may not be making them for very long.

Customer Reviews

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This is a great garden knife!

Well made and beautifully designed. Thank you!


Wow! What a tool!

My wife LOVES this Hori!

We live in a cohousing neighborhood with several large, shared gardens. When my wife met up with her team to work and showed off this incredible Hori, everyone was impressed. "This is the tool we ALL should have!" I heard someone say. So I passed around Wicks Forge's website. We're putting the gardens to bed slowly now, and let me just say that my wife doesn't leave for the garden without that Hori. It's now irreplaceable! So thank you. It does everything, and then some.

Well made and practical .

I saw this online and thought it was good for bushwalking and camping . Well made , unbreakable and up to hard use . Highly recommended. Great customer service as well from Wick’s Forge too .

Trey Carter
Hori Hori tool

I would like to express how impressed I am with this tool. It is over the top. I have been looking for an authentic hori knife for a long time that would meet my expectations. I am in the commercial plant business and I love everything about this blade. Highly recommended. Thank you guys from the Wicks forge for a lifetime tool and a piece of art.

Hori Hori Knife