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Herb Chopper

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Spice up your kitchen with this handmade herb chopper. Each herb cutter is hand forged from one piece of steel using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques.

The choppers have a linseed oil finish which gives the steel a nice dark bluish-black patina. 

The cutting edge is approximately 4" (100 mm) wide and is hand-ground to a medium sharp edge suited for chopping herbs. If you would like your chopper to be further sharpened please let us know and we can do so before shipping. It can be resharpened over time using any knife sharpening system.

Wicks Forge cooking tools are finished in a similar method to seasoned cast iron cookware, and like cast iron pans, if used and cared for in the same manner will last generations. Hand Wash the piece after use (preferably without soap), and then coat with a thin layer of cooking oil after toweling them dry to prevent surface rust. Any surface rust that does form can be removed with a brillow pad, wire brush, or steel scouring pad. Once removed, reseal the piece with a thin layer of cooking oil. 

Click here to learn more about reseasoning your Wicks Forge cookware.

Customer Reviews

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Rosa Gatti
Herb chopper

Just what i wanted. Great quality and weight.

William Foster
Excellent products!

My wife loves the herb chopper… Perfect!!

Lawrence Wellenstein
Stainless spatula and Herb Chopper

Beautiful workmanship and practical design

jane Prusso

Herb Chopper

Brenda Smith
Herb chopper

Lovely forged piece. Sharp. Good feel to it. Love it.

Herb Chopper