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Ginko Leaf Hook

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The Ginkgo tree is known as the “living fossil,” having been around for over 350 million years-- which is exactly how long these hooks will last you. Probably. I mean, maybe. We sure hope so.

Each hook is handmade using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmithing tools and techniques. While the piece is still hot, it is polished with a brass wire brush to give it a nice contrasting brass and steel finish. 

They measure approximately 9" x 3".

The Limited Series features new pieces that take a bit of extra time to make or involve new designs and techniques. These pieces can be whimsical, a prototype, or something we’ve been experimenting with for years, but is not yet part of our normal production catalog.To share these with you, we launched this series of limited run pieces. These items will last you forever! But we may not be making them for very long.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect gold color for my application

I need a towel hook that had some gold in it but hadn’t been inspired by anything until I came across these. The gold fan is prominent but well balanced by black iron hook. It looks spectacular. Nice detail on fan part. I’m glad I took a leap of faith and ordered two. Very happy with them.

Gail Kapinos
Work of art

This is an absolutely beautiful piece.
Shipped promptly. I immediately ordered another.

Joanne Zias
Perfectly made

I finally hung a piece of Jade I purchased in late September in China. The beautiful and perfect hook compliments it well.
Thank you

marilyn mcfadden
It's a beautiful piece of art.

Anything that hangs from this will have to be hung so the Ginko Leaf shows off.

claire calland
Ginko wall hook

This is a beautifully hand crafted product. It's a good size and sturdy - seems like it will hold a very heavy bathrobe or coat. The design is well styled and clearly a ginko. I'm very happy with.

Ginko Leaf Hook