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Legacy Fire Poker

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This new fire poker brings together beauty and durability in it's design. 

These Fire Pokers are made of sturdy 1/2" round stock and are 30" long-- making them thicker than our Leaf Wrap Fire Poker and slightly shorter than our beloved Heritage Fire Poker. The opposite end of this fire tool has both a poker and a harpoon hook to help you stoke any fire.

Each Fire Poker is hand-crafted in Maine using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmith tools and techniques.

We have many fire tools of different lengths and styles available, so please have a look at our other listings to see more options.

Care and use

About the finish

These fire tools are finished in a traditional blacksmith style known as "brushed and waxed." They are first wire brushed to remove forge scale (a thin layer of material that forms on the steel during the forging process), and then sealed with a natural wax finish. This method highlights the natural beauty of the steel surface only achieved through the forging process. 

Outdoor Use

The wax finish is not a paint and should not be exposed to prolonged moisture. If you wish you store your fire tools outdoors, we recommend spraying the piece with a high heat paint such as Rust-Oleum® High Heat Spray Paint obtainable at your local hardware store. This will prevent rust over time (the pieces will still function fine when rusty if you prefer a weathered look). This spray paint can be applied directly to the piece.

Removing rust and resealing the tools

The surface of steel can tarnish or rust over time depending on humidity levels and exposure to moisture. The tools will still function with this surface rust. If you wish to preserve the original look of the piece, surface rust can be removed with a brillow pad, wire brush, or steel scouring pad. Once removed, reseal the piece by rubbing a thin layer of any household oil such as vegetable oil over the newly cleaned surface. 

Customer Reviews

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Todd Tomich
Nice ironwork

Really like this fireplace poker. Feels good in your hand. Wicks does great work.

Patricia Schaechter
Beautiful piece

I gifted this to my husband on his 70th birthday. He had been using a stick to prod the fire and move the wood. This poker is the perfect tool and is the perfect weight and heft. My daughter saw it and is buying one for her fire pit also.

Legacy Fire Poker