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9A Pan

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The 9A is the first production run (A) of our 9" forged carbon steel skillet.

We consider this the perfect pan.

Like a cast iron, these pans are extremely versatile and designed to be an everyday workhorse. However, we've made them even better than a cast iron.

The 9A is developed using high-quality carbon sheets to create the perfect cooking surface and fitted with a long, ergonomic handle that keeps your hands safe from the heat.

The angle and height of the pan wall make it functional for almost any cooking purpose.

If you're interested in learning more about the design and how these pans are made, read our blog post: The Story of the Wicks Forge 9A. 

About the finish:

Wicks Forge cooking tools are finished in a similar method to seasoned cast iron cookware, and like cast iron pans, if used and cared for in the same manner will last generations. Hand Wash the piece after use (preferably without soap), and then coat with a thin layer of cooking oil after toweling them dry to prevent surface rust. Any surface rust that does form can be removed with a brillow pad, wire brush, or steel scouring pad. Once removed, reseal the piece with a thin layer of cooking oil. 

Click here to learn more about reseasoning your Wicks Forge cookware.

Top diameter: 9" (225mm) 
Bottom diameter: 7" (175mm) 
Wall height: 1 ¼" (32mm) 
Handle lengths: 8-9" (200-230mm) 

Customer Reviews

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Jane Edelman
Hand forged frying pan

This little pan is beautiful, and everything I've cooked in it has turned out great. I purchased it for two reasons: to hang from Wicks Forge's lovely pan hanger, and for its intended purpose, as a cooking pan. It's a little pricey, but not more than other hand forged

jon Sellars
9a Pan

We have not used as of yet as it is a Christmas present

A pan for everything!

It's perfect, easy to handle and a joy to use.

9A Pan