Wicks Forge Fall Essentials

Wicks Forge Fall Essentials

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. Multiple heat waves, a move to a different state, lots of construction, and all the other chaos that comes with owning a business. Here at Wicks Forge, we’re really looking forward to the fall and everything it has in store for us. Cool-weather, cozy vibes, and warm soups, lulling us all into the Holidays.

To help us get into the fall spirit, we brainstormed a list of our favorite Wicks Forge must haves for the season, so we could share our end of summer spirit with you. Check out our list of fall essentials from the forge:

1. Coffee Scoops for Homemade PSLs

If you’re unfamiliar with the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL for the cool kids) you must be living under a rock– even the blacksmiths living on a farm know about this true fall staple. Designed to be sipped while watching the leaves change color before they take their descent to the ground, the PSL the perfect fall drink. Here at Wicks Forge, we’re all for saving money, which means making that $7 latte at home. You can still treat yourself to the barista experience though, by being well equipped and stirring with a Wicks Forge Coffee Scoop. 

Choose from Copper or Brass in our 1Tbsp size, go big with the 2 Tbsp Copper Scoop in our Curled or Waffle Pattern style, or go super small with our 1 Tsp sizes.

2. Fireplace Tools for Cozy Fires

Cool weather means warm fires to heat up and drink hot cocoa (or a PSL, we’re not against that). We’re stoked to offer some of the best hand forged fire stoking tools out there– all for an affordable price. Keep the fire warm and the flames high with our favorite Wicks Forge fire tools: 

  1. Fireplace Tongs & Heritage Fire Poker
  2. Fire Stick Fire Poker
  3. Wood Stove Fire Poker 
  4. Leaf Wrap Fire Poker 
  5. Legacy Fire Poker 

3. Pizza Cutters for Family Dinner Nights

Now that school is back in session and summer vacations have gone and past, it’s important to set aside time for family bonding. One of my longtime favorite family traditions is homemade pizza night. Everyone gets to knead and spread their own dough, add their perfect amount of sauce (everyone is different), choose their toppings, and sprinkle as MUCH cheese as they want. It’s great. 

Whether you’re the kind of family to make their own dough and use a stone pizza oven or you’re buying store-bought dough and a cookie tray (no judgment here), we highly suggest our brand new pizza cutters to make the experience that much more enjoyable. No more fighting with dull pizza cutters, steak knives, or using kitchen scissors, check out the Wicks Forge Pizza Rocker Cutter for a next-level pizza-making experience. 

4. Pie Server for Grandma’s Special Dessert

Pie season is arguably one of the best desserts in existence– nothing beats a warm pie, flaky crust, and whatever delicious filling is inside (there are so many options, talk about versatility!). Our Copper Pie & Cake Server is a true fan favorite, but we have a newer design that might just take the cake– or should we say pie– for the best server. With textured copper, a matching copper rivet, and a waffle textured handle made to look just like a woven pie crust, this Pie Server will absolutely steal the show. 

5. Ladles for Soup Szn

We saved the best for last; it’s time to talk about ladles. Soup and chili are soe of the first signs of cool weather. They’re made with love and make your insides warmer with every bite. Surely a food this magical deserves a serving utensil that does it justice! Our Ladles are tried and tested, in fact our Leaf Handle Ladle was one of the first Wicks Forge products ever created. We’ve kept the design around this long because they’re just that good.

  1. Leaf Handle
  2. Reverse Curl Handle

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