Music Stands

  • Violin Stands

    Violin Stands
    This set of two stands was made for a violinist and draws inspiration from the instrument itself. If you look throughout the stands, you will find elements of the violin such as the neck and scroll, the chin rest, F-holes, strings, and even a full-size metal bow. 
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  • Harmony’s Gate

    Harmony’s Gate
    Harmony's gate is a music stand whose design is a playful interpretation of a traditional metal gate. The idea was to take traditional forms such as scrolls and make them morph into organic forms such as vines and leaves.
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  • Gothic Rose

    Gothic Rose
    This music stand was inspired by the gothic arches you see around many churches in Europe. That arch formed the basis for outer frame of the stand and the roses provided a nice medieval touch to the base. 
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  • D’Addario Stand

    D’Addario Stand

    This stand was designed and built for Jim D'Addario, owner of the global musical string company D'Addario. The D'Addario family are pioneers of many of the modern techniques involved in musical string manufacturing, and we used several of the materials and designs seen in their string manufacturing as inspiration for this piece.

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The Wicks' have a strong musical tradition. A professional violinist, pianist, luthier (fixer of stringed instruments), and Julliard-trained singer all comprise members of our family. Making music stands has been a way for Wicks Forge to honor that history as well as create functional pieces of art to support musicians in their own craft.

Our stands are each one-of-a-kind works designed and made in collaboration with each individual client. Besides being unique art pieces they are also fully functional and adjustable. You can see and read about some of our past pieces below. If you are interested in discussing a custom stand please reach out using our contact form HERE.