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Unique Bottle Openers

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These are hand-forged bottle openers made to live in the house or barn. These guys are made by heating up steel and hammering them out on an anvil just like people used to do in the old days (Yes, we blacksmiths have been making bottle openers for many a year now). The third picture shows some of the steps to making one of the openers in case you are curious.

This listing represents a sort of grab bag as I make A LOT of bottle openers and a lot of different ones. If you see something in the pictures that grabs your eye, let me know and I'll make that one special for you or if you want to be surprised I can send you one from the 'grab bag'.

There are two finishes available. The first is called 'brushed and waxed' which means the metal is wire brushed once it is completed in order to make it somewhat shiny and then a wax is put on top of that to help prevent rusting and tarnishing.

The second finish available is more of a matte dark blue and it is created with linseed oil solution. The linseed oil reacts with the hot metal and creates a protected layer around the material (again to prevent rusting) which also creates the matted dark blue finish.

Unique Bottle Openers